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Welcome to The Sydney Goldston Scholarship Foundation



The mission of The Sydney Foundation is to positively impact the lives of those who do not have the financial means to fulfill their higher education aspirations. Established in honor of Sydney Goldston, this foundation will continue to empower our future scholar-practitioners, thus building stronger communities around the world through continued education and knowledge sharing.



Given higher education has been integral to many, the vision of the foundation is to ensure a lack of resources is not a reason to limit our future leaders.


To make this vision a reality, The Sydney Foundation will:

  • Promote and provide financial support for higher education opportunities;
  • Provide students with mentoring throughout their higher education journey through established partner networks of undergraduate and graduate faculty members to ensure student retention;
  • Transform students into future leaders by providing counseling with certified career and financial coaches toward the completion of their program.


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Scholarship Candidates

The SGF scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.25 who intend to further their education by pursuing a course of study that will prepare them for a career in industry or academia.


Community Service

Applicants must have volunteered in their communities and articulate their interest in the areas of business or academia, as well as why they feel it is important to dedicate oneself to community service.